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GAIA | Armin van Buuren & Benno de Goeij 


GAIA | Armin van Buuren & Benno de Goeij 

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I have a girlfriend who i really like but, there is some issues with her.

Okay it’s her first real relationship, but still. Ask for advice.

She is acting like a rough girl and don’t give a fuck about others but, if i am talking/flirting with a good friend, she thinks i want that girl. She sees the connection between me and that good friend, but i don’t want that good friend. I have told my gf so many times…

My gf wants a gentleman for boyfriend (i think she picked that up somewhere in some random magazine…), but everytime i act like a gentleman, she doens’t want that. Then she wants me to act tough… What do you want from me? 

My gf thinks i am to sweet for her. I accept al her bitchy things, but she doens’t do bitchy things. yeah sometimes, but i tickle her as a punishment.


Yay yay yay. She is the greatest <3